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Hello! My name is Anna, and this is my main blog, which is mostly fashion, diy and sewing (the occasional project by me), pretty pictures of food and vintage-y/boho-y stuff. I haven't got a blog style really.

I have two other blogs:
Historic Style
(historical fashion and architecture blog)
Inside a chocolate Tardis (fandom/personal blog)

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New blog!

It’s on a new account, so I can send messages/like stuff on it, and I’ll be posting pictures of things I find on Etsy (crafty/vintage version of Ebay if you don’t know it), since I’ve recently been a bit addicted to browsing all the pretty homemade dresses on it etc. 

It’s called myetsycloset (sorry about the not-so-inventive name…), so have a look if you want :) 

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